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Tower Diffuser- Silver

Tower Diffuser- Silver

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"Transform your home into a luxury spa experience with the advanced Torre de Aroma 27 diffuser. This aromatherapy diffuser, a leader in its category, uses innovative cold nebulization technology to disperse essential oils in an ultra-fine mist, ensuring a uniform and wide coverage of up to 400 square feet. Ideal for fans of well-being and relaxation, the Torre de Aroma 27 preserves the integrity and therapeutic properties of the oils, offering an atmosphere of pure tranquility without the need for heat or water.

Its elegant and minimalist design adapts perfectly to any decoration, from the modern to the traditional, making the Torre de Aroma 27 an indispensable complement in your home. Easy to handle, this diffuser allows you to customize the intensity of the fragrance, creating the perfect atmosphere for every moment.

With a focus on safety and sustainability, the Torre de Aroma 27 is the ideal choice for homes with children and pets, thanks to its safe heat-free diffusion method. In addition, its efficient use of essential oils makes this diffuser an economical solution to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Discover how the Torre de Aroma 27 diffuser can enhance your wellness experience at home, turning each space into an invitation to relaxation and sensory enjoyment. Add this first-line aroma diffuser to your life and feel the difference it makes in your daily well-being."


Key Features:

  • Coverage: 400 sqf
  • Capacity: 120ml bottles
  • Waterless and heatless diffuser
  • Includes remote control 
  • 3.25" width x 11.25" height 
  • Does not produce waste
  • Safe for pets and children 

Color :Silver


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