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Coral  a fragrance for the home that delicately interweavement the subtlety of a flowering garden under sunlight. Inspired by the softness and color of coral reefs, this fragrance is a celebration of soft floral beauty, designed to infuse your space with the serenity and charm of a flowery underwater landscape.

Olfactory Experience:

• The olfactory experience unfolds with an initial freshness of Grass and Esigamos, evoking the greenery and purity of the ocean at dawn. This clean and lively opening prepares the atmosphere for an experience of serenity and natural freshness.

• Advancing towards the core of Coral, the middle notes of Rose and Jasmine bloom with a discreet elegance, offering a delicate floral heart that captures the essence of the delicate petals immersed in crystal clear waters. This medium mixture is an ode to femininity and grace, providing a softness and depth that embrace the space with love and care.

•  The fragrance is based on a soft base of Musk and Amber Grey, providing a warm and sensual closure that delicately blends with the air. This subtly attractive background anchors the fragrance with a note of lasting tranquility and well-being, inviting contemplation and full enjoyment of the moment.

Coral de Aroma 27 is an invitation to transform your home into a refuge of peace and beauty, reflecting the delicacy and serenity of a floral paradise. Ideal for those looking to add a touch of softness and refinement to their environment, this citrus and floral fragrance elevates the atmosphere, providing an air of freshness and light elegance.

Olfactory Notes:

Top Notes: Grass, Let's Go - an introduction that invites clarity and purity.

Middle Note:  Pink, Jasmine - a soft floral heart that adds a touch of elegance and depth.

• Base Note: Musk, Amber Grey - a warm and subtle closure that prolongs the feeling of comfort and serenity.


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