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We present Infiniti of Aroma 27, a fragrance for the home that encapsulates the essence of eternity in each note, designed to bring to your space a feeling of infinite tranquility and lasting beauty. Inspired by the ethereal gardens and unforgettable landscapes, Infiniti combines the delicacy of nature with a depth and complexity that invites contemplation and prolonged enjoyment.

The experience begins with a luminous awakening of Chamomile, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Raspberry Flower and Italian Lemon. This initial combination introduces an airy freshness and a subtle sweetness, evoking the feeling of a serene sunrise in a flourishing garden.

In the heart of Infiniti, the Apple Blossom, the Black Currant Flower and Jasmine intertwine harmoniously, creating a sophisticated and enveloping floral buque that captures the fullness and diversity of life in bloom. These midnotes provide an emotional richness and a delicate texture that enrich the sensory experience.

 The fragrance is based on a warm and resonant base of Sandalwood, Cypress, Tonka Bean and Black Pepper. This closure deepens the fragrance with woody and spicy notes, offering an intriguing contrast to the lightness of the previous notes and leaving a lasting wake of mystery and sophistication.

Infiniti of Aroma 27 is an invitation to experience the depth and dynamism of time through aroma. Perfect for any space that seeks to evoke a sense of peace, renewal and continuity, this fragrance transforms your home into a refuge of well-being and beauty.

Explore Infiniti and our curated selection of exclusive fragrances in the Aroma 27 online store, where each aroma is designed to tell a story, invite relaxation and elevate your environment. With Infiniti, it opens the door to a world where every moment is a perpetual link to the sublime.

Top Notes: Chamomile, Japanese Cherry Blossom, aspberry Flower, Italian Lemon.

Heart Notes: Apple Blossom, Black Currant Flower, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cypress, Tonka Bean, Black Pepper.


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