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Enchante de Aroma 27, a home fragrance that captures the seductive spirit and sublime sophistication inspired by the legendary Santal Imperial. Enchante is an ode to the richness and evocative power of the woods, mixed with spicy and sweet touches that transform any space into a sanctuary of calm and luxury.

Olfactory Experience:

• Home Spicy and Refreshing: The olfactory experience opens with vibrant notes that awaken the senses, establishing an atmosphere full of expectation and mystery. This introduction prepares the ground for an unforgettable olfactory journey.

• Heart of Wood and Spices: The soul of Enchante is revealed through an exquisite fusion of noble woods and spicy chords, representing a perfect balance between strength and subtlety. This throbbing heart invites introspection and sensory delight, evoking the warmth and refinement of the most distinguished rooms.

• Sweet and Resonant Background: The fragrance culminates with a rich and enveloping base that adheres to the skin and space, leaving a long-lasting and sophisticated impression. This deep and sensual ending anchors the experience, promising an eternal memory of elegance and well-being.

Enchante de Aroma 27 is more than a fragrance; it is a journey through rich and varied olfactory landscapes, designed for those who seek to enrich their environment with the aroma of distinction and sophistication. Ideal for spaces that demand a touch of effortless luxury, Enchante transforms your home into a refuge of tranquility and elegance.

Olfactory Notes:

Top Notes: A symphony of spices and freshness that invites discovery.

.Heart Notes: A masterful mixture of noble woods and exotic spices that capture the essence of sophistication.

• Base Notes: A sweet and resonant finish that promises durability and depth, enveloping the space in a halo of mystery and warmth.


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